May 8, 2016


About This Website

Thank you for visiting our website. We have a few goals here we will try to accomplish for anyone trying to learn how to play the bass guitar. Regardless of your musical preferences, if your looking to learn then you found the right place. Currently this site was built out to feature the world class online bass instructors form Jam Play’s online music training program. In our opinion Jam Play has the best online video lesson library for musicians looking to learn, practice, excel, and succeed.

Why Jam Play?

jam play music lessons

It is my opinion that if you want to be successful at something then you need to lean on those that have found success doing what it is you want to do. In this case most of you reading this either want to play for fun, join a band, teach, or be a studio musician. Those are all awesome career opportunities for any musician and what better way to learn then from those that have achieved an elite level of success.


How Much?

This might be one of the more popular questions we receive emails about so I am going to talk cost right here to save us all time. How much would you pay to be trained by some of the worlds most successful bass musicians? How much would you pay to have access to an online video library that you could access anytime of day at your connivence? cost for music lessonsThis is a system that could easily charge a hundred bucks a month, but they don’t. They give you unlimited access to some of the worlds best musicians for .67 cents a day… or $19 bucks a month. That is ridiculous, the value here is undeniable. Not only will you be receiving music lessons from extremely qualified musicians, but you will be getting first hand feedback from people that worked for it, found success, and are living it. All for $19 bucks a month.

What Else?

online video training In addition to being a platform for learning more about the awesomeness going on at Jam Play we have created a bass video blog. What we decided to do was gather some of the best bass video lessons, video performances, video discussions, and video content from Youtube and organize it here in one convienent location for users of this site to access and engage. Some of the videos we share on our blog are from other content creators on Youtube doing an amazing job sharing their knowledge with us.


The fun doesn’t stop there folks. female bass instructor We have also connected with some local bass instructors that will be joining us in creating original content and video tutorials based on user feedback. What this means for you is that if you have a question about a technique, or anything bass related we will be doing our best to help you get your questions answered through interactive video responses. We will also be releasing a handful of videos that address common requests like tuning, scales, chord progressions, and other beginner topics that are often in need of answers. We will do our best to make our videos better then any other free bass instructional’s out there. By recording quality video, with quality audio, and relaying our knowledge in a way that every beginner clearly understands we will help all those searching for it.

Guitars and Accessories

buy bass guitars onlineWe will also be adding a guitars and accessories menu tab that will allow visitors to browse our recommended selection of bass guitars, amps, and accessories. We will not be holding these items in inventory but instead linking out to online stores that stock and sell these items. We will mostly be using Amazon as they tend to have the largest variety and some of the most competitive pricing. Now, I’m not gonna BS you. We receive a very small commission if you click through to Amazon and purchase bass guitars, amps, strings, picks, straps, cables, pedals, albums, and anything else related to our craft. So thank you in advance for supporting this blog by using our links to research and purchase any of the items we have listed. This support funds the production process so that we can pay our local instructors and video production crew to create free, quality, online video instructions for musicians in need of more information.

Recording and Mixing Software and Hardware

The other bonus we will be bringing to this site is a studio insiders perspective on bass recording softwareDAW’s, production software, plugins, and setting up a home studio for recording. There may or may not be an interest from some of you, others want to record and listen back so that they can measure growth and compare performances as they travel on this journey. We will be providing recommendations for different levels of need and building a small video library that will give basic guidance to the setup and process of home recording.

Thanks! Now learn, Practice, and Play

beginner bassistTo sum this up I want to say thank you, thank you for taking the time to read this and engage with the content we have taken the time to create, and/or embed on our website. All the information you will ever need to learn bass guitar is right here on this website. In addition, gaining access to the world class instructors at Jam Play is an opportunity that was previously not available to the generations before you. It’s an awesome time to be alive, to be a songwriter, a musician, and a hobbyist. With all the information available to you on the Internet, there should be no excuse. There should be no reason that you don’t excel as professional bassist in life if that is what you seek. It comes down to a very simple concept, how bad do you want it? local bass instructorsAre you willing to learn, practice, and play harder then the next guy? Are you willing to give up the things that don’t matter, rid yourself of unnecessary distractions, and commit to your craft? If you are then you are half way there. We wish you the greatest success on this journey and we hope that the information made available on this website is an inspiration and a tool that aids you along the way.


Please Note: We are an independent entity operating on our own and without any relationship with the businesses or manufacturer’s we discuss, promote, or link to. Anything written about a product or service on this website by our writers is from their perspective and by no means reflects the views or opinions of the business entities that they may blog about. The Jam Play logo’s used in this blog were obtained and used as an affiliate of their program. Other images used showcasing album work from the artists were acquired from the Amazon affiliate program used to showcase products available for purchase through


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