Beginner 5-String Bass Video

Beginner 5-String Bass Video

– Beginning 5-String Bass is a series of specialized videos made for bass players starting on the 5.

These videos are available for download through

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  • Hello mr. George. My name is Pita Rober Nicolas, I am 14 years old. I am from Romania and I am a 5 string bassist. I play the bass for like a year or two. I really need a teacher, can you be my online teacher? Thank you for the video.

  • Hello Pita
    My paid subscription course is a generic course. It is written for most bass playing genres and styles. Although the lessons deal predominantly with 4-string bass guitar, the lesson texts as well as the videos often give suggestions on how to transfer exercises, riffs etc. to 5-string bass.
    This is a course that teaches you how to play bass well and how to apply concepts and techniques to your own style and bass.
    Kind regards,

  • Hello and thanks for another good question.
    Most people, including myself, go from 4 to 5, so I can’t really speak from personal experience. I have no problem switching between the two on a gig.
    A few of my students, however, started on 5, then played a 4-string bass. Occasionally they say it feels weird to begin with, but get used to it quickly.
    I guess you will have to find out for yourself.
    Kind regards,

  • I learned on a 4 string myself, because I was more of a classic rock player, but I’ve started to play heavier stuff, so thanks for the lessons man!

  • first thing,is 5sb comfortable for your hand? go to a music store try one. 2nd,what (who) do you want to sound like? (the bass players that influence you) If it’s really what you want, Neither is harder or easier, it’s not even different, so if you are asking about it,GO FOR IT!
    switching from 4sb to 5sb and back & forth is not a big deal.
    Get comfortable with the instrument you choose. Practice is work (but enjoyment together). (playing 4&5sb since 1978) loving every minute of it

  • is it possible to purchase strings for a 6 string and put the high c string on instead of the low b on a 5 string for a higher note range? would that work?

  • Yes, I have done that many times. Just get a C string. Make sure you adjust the neck, action and intonation once the bass is tuned E to C.
    I wish you many happy sounds and new discoveries.

  • there’s this used 5 string at a store that i am interested in but i have a few concerns. the strings are pretty floppy and they slap pretty easily. and there also is some fret buzz. i am wondering if that’s because its not set up properly or if it because its a 5 string and its like that becuase of the heavier strings and the string spacing. any help would be appreciated

  • According to your description, the bass may be tuned too flat (making the strings floppy) and/or it needs a setup. Ask someone knowledgeable in the store to make sure the bass is tuned and set up properly. (It should be if they want to sell it.)
    Kind regards,

  • i like to look at the finger board when i play i set it on my lap face up and use a pick. i think imn pretty good when it comes to songs without chords. i have been told by my teachers that im wrong but this is so much easier for me. any thoughts on this?

  • i have a 5 string ibanez and i tried to replace the low b with a c so i moved all the stings up a spot and put the c where the g was and the c string was so tight but yet it was still flat so i adjusted the bridge and the string snapped do you have any advice?

  • The C string should be ca. 30 gauge. Is that what you got? Any thinner, and it will sound too thin; any thicker, and it may snap.
    Is it possible that you shortened the vibrating string length by only pushing the saddle forward? Ideally you should adjust the saddle height in conjunction with the string length.
    I hope this helps. If not, send me an email.

  • I’m starting out on a 5 string. I figured if i started out on a 4 and moved to a 5 my brain and hands wouldnt be used to the extra string and it might inhibit ny ability to use the insturment to its fullest. Hopefully i’ll do alright

  • Numerous former students of mine started on a 5 because that is what they were most interested in. They are all doing fine and to my knowledge and observation have not been disadvantaged by their decisions. So I hope you will do just as well too.
    Bass of Luck!

  • Thanks for showing your appreciation.
    In the 1990’s I played nothing but 6-string bass for about 7 years. It taught me a lot about bass and harmony (because I could easily play chords). Now I don’t even own a 6-string bass.
    Unless you start out on 6-string, in my opinion it takes more concentration than a 5 or 4.
    Kind regards,

  • Hello and thank you for your input.

    I say in the intro to this sample video (at 0:20 and 0:40) who these 5-string bass videos are directed at.

    You are right, these videos are not for absolute beginner bass players. When you the “29 videos” link above you will find lessons for absolute beginner bass players.

    Kind regards,

  • I”m completely new to well, making music and i have come across my grandfathers older five string bass. Would you consider a um “pre-beginner” video? It would be very much appreciated.

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