Ibanez 2016 GSRM20 Short Scale Bass Guitar Review

13 thoughts on “Ibanez 2016 GSRM20 Short Scale Bass Guitar Review

  • Couldn’t agree more with the reviewer that appreciated a decent bass player (for a change) putting this short scale through it’s paces. This EXCELLENT demonstration made for the best possible review. If you have trouble with 34″, this axe sounds like it’s the ticket.

  • I have this bass with a maple fret board i black. It is Awesome,Awesome and more Awesome! The strings retain a springy crisp sound like no other strings I have ever used. I can do Chris Squire bass lines that sound like a Rickenbacker, yet I can get a thumpy Pbass tone too! It is very light and at 28.5″ scale it is a bit shorter than your normal short scale basses. This thing will spoil you! My band loves the sound of this bass. I love the neck and the price I paid for it!

  • Nice demo.
    The Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro bass is really a great bass.
    I use it as my main.
    Extraordinary well built for such cheap bass.
    You will probably need to set it up properly though when you buy one from new, but there are excellent guides online on how to do it, and it isn’t really that hard.
    The stock pickups are also decent, I would even describe the P neck pickup as good sounding.
    They left a little to wish for for my tasting though, like lacking some clarity and definition, so I swapped the stock pickups with a pair of EMG Geezer Butler P/J pickups.
    And now it doesn’t alone play killer but sounds killer as well.
    Hands down the bass I ever owned that felt most comfortable to play, and I even owned some 1000$+ basses.
    You can’t really beat it for the price, and it is without competition the best budget sub short scale bass on the market.

  • Ibby also makes a 5-String SS model. That’s the one I’d be interested in, as I already have a Sq Jag SS and a Gibby SG………I wonder how floppy the B string is on the fiver.

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