How To Play Bass For SUPER Beginners

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  • I already play guitar and I’m planning to play bass. After that I’m getting a bass (Its going to be a long time though). I thought I could at least get the basics but its more similar to guitar than I though!

  • Best beginner video I could find on YouTube! Thank you very match!

    Which song do y’all recommend me to learn first? Something very simple but that doesn’t sound too awful

  • This is the youtuber Ive been looking for because when I started orchestra they showed us the instrument parts and this guy is teaching the exact same way. Suscribed.

  • hey guys. i’m originally a electric guitarist and it is very fun to play, and was considering starting bass. would you recommend it?

    another question: i have enough money to buy a cort bass guitar if I do start playing it and was wondering, does cort make good bass guitars?

  • thanks man, out of many bass 101, bass for noobs, bass for beginners etc, your video is really easy to understand
    i am about to get a bass, thinking if second hand is reliable, or should i look at some slightly cheaper new ones

  • Hey. Good video helped me alot with my bass when i first started. Now ive been playing for a year….But i`ve looked at many videos now and i just want to know … What bass is that ??

  • As a beginner’s beginner, I’m trying to learn the simplest of all bass riffs, Another One Bites the Dust. You know, A G E e e, ect… On the E string it goes 4th finger on the 5th fret, then 1st finger on the third fret, then open E, etc… My problem is that no matter what I do, I get serious buzzing sound on the E string jumping from A to G. I hopeI’ve explained that correctly! So, what is the magic secret every other bass player knows that I don’t know, to avoid that buzz? PLEASE don’t get into changing strings, adjusting this and that. What is wrong with my technique that would cause this?

  • I live in a dorm with 3 other people in the room. I’m afraid to play bass like a dumbass while i’m learning it. In front of my roommates, i’ll prolly get embarrassed. But i still wanna play it. What do i do?

  • I’m looking for some advice for an experienced guitarist. I’m not sure I will pick up finger picking technique that easy, I just use my thumb. I’m wondering if I should use a plectrum, or just keep using my thumb. I have played bass on and off, even in a band where I switched bass playing with another guitarist. I would just turn the volume up, and play with my thumb. Also it’s going to be difficult to transition to fretting, I use my sole pinky finger, so I think I need my bass set up pretty well so that it’s not to hard to fret, but then that will mean probably more buzz. I think the one advantage I have is that I was in the habit of always picking one direction, so I’m thinking maybe picking with my thumb, or finger picking with more than one finger.

  • I love your approach in this video. It’s so important to really enjoy what you’re doing and just jimmy jammin with your bass. A lot of my friends are musicians and they have a very difficult time not playing structured music. Jazz or other forms of improvising intimidates them. Being aware of musical structure and notes is important, but I find this way is much more fun (for me at least) I learned by sitting in my bed for hours and playing along to songs I really liked. I play songs by ear now… no music sheets ended (only when I’m really stuck lol). Thanks for showing others you don’t have to get too complicated and it’s not that scary to pick up something new! Happy playing ☺️

  • Thank you . I,ve pretty much learned guitar the same way . I,ve been playing for 52 years and never taken a lesson. I was always too undisciplined and impatient to really try to play like other people . However I love jamming with other musicians and always have a great time .

  • I really, really want to get into playing a musical instrument. Yes, I have a keyboard and a years worth of knowledge on how to play it, but, I really want something with strings. I think bass would be good for me, as it’s not loud and at my house, loud is not an option. So I think I want to get into playing the bass.

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