August 7, 2016


Online Bass Lessons:

Musician John DeservioWant to take bass guitar courses from some of the biggest and most successful bass performers of our time? Then you have come to the ultimate site! There is not another platform in the world that offers you exclusive access to so many world class teachers in the same place, at the same time. The bass instructors presented in these Jamplay learning modules have thumped, plucked, and strummed their way through the billboard top 100’s, platinum recordings, and sold out shows.

Where can you get access to professionals like that  for only $19 bucks a month? Nowhere, that’s where!!!!

Bass Instructors:

The venture starts now, and we will be here with you every step of the way. In addition to obtainingMusic Teacher Brent-Anthony Johnson exclusive access to teachers like Godsmacks bassist Robbie Merrill, Ringo Starr bassist Freebo, Pantera bassist Rex Brown, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, and Black Label Society’s bassist John Deservio you will receive exclusive access to our bass guitar video blog that features online video lessons from teachers all across the internet that have submitted their videos to Youtube. We will be embedding videos from those instructors that deserve to be featured  on our web site.


bass instructors onlineThe best thing about online video lessons is that it eliminates the need to journey across town and allows you to learn and jam when it’s convenient. Wether you are streaming classes from your desktop, laptop, or cell phone, you will have unlimited access to some of the worlds greatest instructors any time of week no matter where you are. You can literally take lessons anywhere, anytime! Learn from the comforts of your couch, or lay back in an ocean side bungalow and thump away on your bass in style. The convenience and affordability of online training has made bass guitar classes one of the most sought after musical instructions to date.

Private Classes:

Now there are going to be many people that will dispute the fact that 1 on 1 bass guitar bass guitar lessons onlinelessons are better then online video training. There is some truth to that claim. Having an instructor present to critique your studies and provide constructive criticism can be of great value. However, if you have the luxury of utilizing both an web based bass training program and a local musician then by all means make it happen. Or, spend six months studying through the learning modules and when you reach a plateau of competency that requires more structured 1 on 1 instruction, then call out to your local bass instructor and begin 1 on 1 training then.

You Can’t Loose:

cost for music lessonsThis is a win-win opportunity for all of you beginners looking to advance your bass technique. Wether you want to perform as a professional, jam for fun, teach, record, or relax it’s a win-win opportunity. There is NO commitment on your part. You literally sign up with JamPlay on a per month basis and cancel your bass lessons at any time. For only nineteen bucks per month you just can’t go wrong! Even if you were a total slouch and only used the lessons once per month, you would be getting bass instruction from a world class bassist for only nineteen dollars… that is crazy cheap for a bass lesson, and probably cheaper then any one on one instructions you will find in your city.


More Value:

And last we wanted to point out that in addition to the archive of online video trainingbass recording software you will be receiving from JamPlay and our video forum, we will be releasing a video series for our network that will showcase audio recording/production using DAW’S (digital audio workstations). We have received a lot of requests for those videos so we will be producing that in the near future. So if you are planning on producing original music, or simply want to capture yourself as you practice bass for reference… this library will be awesome for you.

Sign Up Now:

There is no time like the present to start, go to —–> JAM PLAY HERE <—— to get registered now and begin learning from some of the most accomplished bass guitarists around. Don’t hesitate, don’t look any more because I am telling you there is no better platform on the internet to learn bass on. The good folks at Jam-Play have gone above and beyond to provide the ultimate experience for new students like you and me that were on the internet looking for bass instructions. It’s fast, convenient, and easy to navigate… heck, my dad joined. Below are some youtube lessons from Jam-Play. These are the best bass tutorials in town for the price.




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